Blockchain Development

Build a strong core for your next application with Makki, a blockchain services provider recognized for cross-industry expertise and a drive for continuous improvement. We’ll help you shape your vision and ideas into viable use cases and suggest the optimal technology stack, team composition, and product design as part of our initial blockchain consulting services — all before digging into development. From ideation to co-creation, our team will be 100% invested in understanding your project’s specifications, goals, and needs in order to translate them into custom blockchain solutions that will rock the market

What types of blockchain applications can we build? Well, that’s your call! Our team is ready to step in at any stage of product development — MVP, pilot, full-scale implementation, or product elaboration — and take full ownership of the project through its successful completion. Our custom blockchain development services are robust, but not all-mighty though. The current tech stack includes the following blockchain platforms and protocols: Corda, Ripple, Bitcoin, Ethereum (including Solidity) and Hyperledger.

Smart contracts

Optimise the speed, efficiency and security of your transaction-based processes with smart contracts on the blockchain. Our blockchain software development services help clients implement custom decentralised solutions that eliminate paperwork, streamline data transactions without intermediary involvement, drive down costs and improve security.

Decentralized apps (dApps)

Tap into the unparalleled benefits of decentralised apps with our custom blockchain development services; combining the speed and transparency of smart contracts with a user-friendly interface. Running on a decentralised peer-to-peer network, dApps eliminate a single point of failure such as a hosting server, allowing you to prevent downtime and other operational restrictions.

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs)

NFTs open up a wide range of business opportunities, from gaming and digital art collections to the music industry and real-estate tokenisation. NFTs are publicly stored on the blockchain, making them immutable and secure, so you can trace and transfer the rights of ownership for digital objects in a streamlined way and retain full copyright for your creations and assets.

Blockchain-based marketplaces

With its unrivalled transactional speed and transparency, blockchain is a groundbreaking solution for businesses that manage marketplaces. We’ll help you develop a blockchain-based decentralised marketplace that directly connects its peers, without any intermediaries. Enable traceable, transparent and fraud-free transactions, add an extra layer of security with cryptographical protection for your sensitive data and drive greater marketplace efficiency at a lower cost.

Private blockchains

Enhance the security and speed of your enterprise network while simplifying your data transactions. By adopting a private blockchain that can be scaled to meet your organisation’s needs, you’ll create transparent and maintainable agreements between stakeholders, streamline processes, reduce errors and lower operational costs.

Blockchain security

Successful blockchain implementation requires firms to consider security at every layer and enable efficient governance and permissions management across the entire network. We’ll help you apply critical security controls like identity and access management, data privacy, smart contract security and more, with a blockchain solution that’s secure, compliant and perfectly attuned to your business goals.

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